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Each property has been uniquely styled. Choose between outdoor bathtubs, wood fired hot tubs, or book the woodland sauna during your stay.

Hinton Hideaways offers:

  • Bookable access to the woodland sauna
  • Honesty woodshed 
  • BBQ’s
  • Permissive paths to explore the farm landscape. (Please see guest information for more details and maps). 
  • WIFI- *please note that our rural location means we are unable to guarantee provision. 

Here are some of the amazing wildlife that you might see.

Daylight wildlife includes:


Roe deer- Buzzards- Canadian Geese – Duck and Mallards – Wrens- Rooks- Goldfinches- Woodpeckers – Pheasants- Swifts- Swallows- House martins- Small copper butterflies – Painted Lady butterflies- Peacock butterflies- Humming-bird Hawk moth- Red-tailed bumblebees- Underground nesting shrill carder bees- Patchwork leaf-cutter bees- Field grasshoppers- Grass snakes (harmless)- Slow worms- Common toads- Green and spiked shield bugs- Tansy beetle- Violet Ground beetle- Black and Yellow longhorn beetle- Common cockchafer- Devil’s Coach horse- Woodlice-Damselflies- Ladybirds- Golden Ringed dragonflies- Emperor dragonflies- Grey squirrels

Night-time wildlife includes:


Foxes- Badgers- Roe deer- Barn owls- Barbastelle bats- Pipistrelle bats- Weasels- Field voles- Harvest Mouse- Wood Mouse- Common Shrew- Moles- Hazel Dormouse- Ghost moth- Stripped Hawk moth- Large Long Horn moth- Feathered Leaf-Cutter moth- Oak Carl moth- Pale Tussock Moth- Angle Shades moth- March Tubic moth- Ruddy Streak moth

Please help us to protect these creatures. If they accidentally enter your dwelling, please show them the door with kindness.

Paul & Philiy

Our other spaces



Lie in bed and forest bathe as you gaze at nothing but vertical trunks and still life framed by the large picture windows. VIEW SPACE

Hidden House

Hidden House

With a feel of the tropics, the Hidden House, handmade and wrapped in local cedar, rests in the fringe of the woodland. Rooted on timber legs the property greets you at ground level and projects the living spaces 3 meters above the ferns among the vertical trunks. VIEW SPACE

Owl Cabin

Owl Cabin

A fairy-tale shingle roof and woodland backdrop welcomes you to Owl Cabin, your own private home by the woods. VIEW SPACE